Overview of Wise Registry Cleaner Free

The effective program Wise Registry Cleaner is designed to clean and optimize the Windows registry. With time, every modern user of the Windows operating system begins to notice that his once-smart computer systematically begins to slow down and slowly work and sometimes even completely freeze, suspending all processes for a few seconds. Sometimes this happens even with the friskiest modern computer, which gradually loses its former agility.

There are many reasons for this state of affairs, and one of the most common is cluttering up the Windows system registry with various “junk”. To solve this problem, the most diverse software was invented. However, such programs are not all of them equally useful and necessary. Among the most advanced and well-functioning programs, you can highlight the utility Wise Registry Cleaner, which has proven itself for solving a variety of problems associated with the system registry.

Developers of Wise Registry Cleaner, which can be downloaded for free, did not complicate its functionality with all sorts of problems. The program has only two main functions: fix the registry errors and defragment it (optimize), but it has succeeded in carrying out these tasks far more than similar software. As they say, it is better to be able to do a few things, but at the same time with high quality. This statement is 100% Wise Registry Cleaner free.

Wise Registry Cleaner 8 initially analyzes the system, identifies damaged or under-used entries. The user can easily find out the name and value of the record from the information provided by the program. Moreover, this utility warns of dangerous deletion of some files. Inexperienced users get the ability to create backups before the optimization process to minimize the risk of deleting important information from the PC.

As soon as the Wise Registry Cleaner version is launched, the user can select the automatic mode of the program (it will start up on its own and turn on the PC and perform its work imperceptibly with minimal user involvement in the process). Also available is the manual mode of operation of the tool, in which you need to run Wise Registry Cleaner on your own each time. Note that the manual control of the program allows you to avoid deleting the little used, but important files.


  • Scanning the registry of the OS;
  • Defragmenting registry entries;
  • Providing error data;
  • Automated process of analyzing and cleaning the registry;
  • Returning (rollback) to a point before the utility starts;
  • Creating a copy of the data;
  • Improving of PC performance;
  • Activating the scan mode on schedule;
  • Free distribution;
  • Multilingual;
  • Availability of technical support;
  • Understandable functionality;
  • Regular updates.

This program is effectively used throughout the world. Wise Registry Cleaner in a few seconds scans the Windows registry, and finds errors in it, creates a backup of the registry and fixes all problems. It also allows you to defragment the registry. All this improves the performance and stability of your computer. Wise Registry Cleaner allows you to perform registry cleaning on a schedule using the built-in scheduler. The program is extremely easy to use and has a convenient and intuitive interface.