Overview of Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a narrowly targeted utility for working with local media. The application allows you to scan information on disks and identify more than 50 types of unused objects – outdated labels, temporary data of web browsers, Coockies and other junk files. After analysis, the program generates a report in the form of a detailed list and allows you to clear all objects in one click. Using this utility, you can set the depth of analysis and exclude from the search the necessary file types manually.

Feature Wise Disk Cleaner – the ability to automatically clean temporary folders on a schedule. Moreover, the user can add own types of objects that the application will recognize as unnecessary and dispose of them on their own. To speed up access to information, the program allows you to defragment data (structure cluster locations on local media).


  • analysis and removal of unused objects;
  • the elimination of temporary data browsers;
  • integrated defragmenter;
  • exclusion of certain types of files;
  • selection of the scan depth.


  1. High speed;
  2. Built-in task scheduler;
  3. Removes unnecessary and temporary files in a few seconds;
  4. Clear user interface;
  5. Application compatibility with Windows 10;
  6. Allows you to delete cache files from an external storage device;
  7. Substantial savings in disk space, freeing up space on the personal computer; the application does not touch important files;
  8. Ability to optimize the computer and accelerate work;
  9. Work without installation (in portable mode Cleaner Portable).

Wise Disk Cleaner is an application you need to use if your computer is running slowly or unstable. There is a high probability that these problems are caused by the “contamination” of the disk and its strong fragmentation. With this utility, you can perform both “clearing” and fragmentation of carriers. In this way, you not only free up more space, but also increase the productivity of your PC.

Thus, Wise Disk Cleaner finds temporary Windows files, system cache, empty folders, traces of deleted programs, cookies, and other “trash” left after working in a web browser. The search process is fully automated. When it’s over, you’ll get a complete report with a list of paths for files that you recommend to delete. Also, the program will independently calculate the amount of space occupied on disk potentially unprofitable files. You can start deleting them by pressing the “Clear” key. In addition to freeing the system from unnecessary files, Wise Disk Cleaner also performs defragmenter functions. It shows a much higher speed compared to the Windows system tool, but has no other advantages.

As for interesting features of the program it is worth noting the built-in scheduler which can automatically start the cleanup without user interference. The Wise Disk Cleaner interface is translated into different languages, and you may absolutely free to download and use it. After the program scans your system, you can individually view each file and detailed information about it, in the end decides whether to delete it or leave it. In deletion mode, you can also select the final deletion, or, if you are not sure about it, select the deletion in the “bin”.