How to clean install windows 10

Every PC user sometimes faces with question “How to clean install windows 10?” The hard disk cleaning procedure should, as a standard, incorporate manual cancellation of unused documents in the “Downloads”, “Video”, “Music” envelopes and other client profile organizers. The important records ought to be moved to non-framework circle allotments. The following stage in the standard cleaning technique inside the working framework is to clean the C drive in programmed request utilizing of Windows installer cleanup utility, albeit most clients like to do this through outsider programs like CCleaner.

In any case, it might happen that after the finish of their work, an enhancement as far as the free space on the hard disk won’t be accomplished. For instance, the framework envelope Installer, which is located on the Windows registry, can develop to huge size – up to 10 GB or much more. It is this Installer organizer that can’t be cleaned as a major aspect of Windows installer cleanup program.

C Windows installer cleanup and its features

Windows 7 installer cleanup utility is the files organizer where the data of different programming parts, patches, records of not introduced framework refreshes, and other information required by the framework and the introduced programming for specific procedures are put away important for expelling or refreshing the projects. This envelope is situated along the way C: \ Windows \ Installer, yet to get into it utilizing the framework voyager simply can’t. The Installer organizer is covered up and ensured. Furthermore, to check how much space is involved by the substance of this envelope, we will depend on certain settings of Windows Explorer.

Relevance of the program

Since 2010, Microsoft has discontinued support for the Windows installer patch cleanup utility product due to the emergence of a new FixIt tool. But the program has remained all as effective in terms of troubleshooting the installation / removal of software, and in some cases it is more effective than replacing it with Microsoft FixIt.

What is Windows clean installer folder in the EXE format?

Download-windows-installer-cleanup-utility.exe is a sort of EXE document related with Microsoft Windows NT Operating System created by Microsoft Corporation for the Windows Operating System.

What are EXE program files?

EXE (“executable”) documents, for example, download-windows-installer-cleanup-utility.exe, are records that contain well-ordered directions that a PC pursues to complete a capacity. When you “double tap” an EXE record, your PC consequently executes these guidelines, made by the product designer (for instance, Microsoft Corporation) to dispatch a program (for instance, Microsoft Windows NT Operating System) on your PC.

Every product application on your PC utilizes an executable document: your internet browser, word processor, spreadsheet program, and so on. This makes executable documents a standout amongst the most helpful sorts of records in the Windows working framework. Without executable documents like download-windows-installer-cleanup-utility.exe, you couldn’t utilize any projects on your PC.

Possible consequences of deleting files from the Windows 10 installer cleanup utility

Microsoft is an ardent opponent for users to carry out any actions, and even more so delete folders or files from the C: \ Windows system directory. That’s why the Installer folder is so securely hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. The contents of this folder are used to remove, restore and modify individual programs installed on the system. So, for example, after removing the installer of the Microsoft Office suite of office applications from the Installer folder, it will no longer be possible to remove or add its individual components (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).